Raccoon bandit caught red-handed in vending machine

Remember ‘Over the hedge’s’ opening scene, when RJ – the sly raccoon played by Bruce Willis – is trying to steal something from a vending machine? Well, forget about the movie, a similar scene just happened in real life, in a Florida campus!

When the Pine Ridge High School officer, deputy Danny Clifton got a call about a robbery at the high school’s vending machine, he was just blown away to find out the thief was actually a hungry raccoon.

However, the totally hilarious scene could have been end badly for the bandit, since he got stuck inside the vending machine. Luckily, the deputy called Deltona Animal Control, who managed to ‘set the thief free.’

Of course, a moment like that definitely needed to be captured on camera and shared on Facebook. “This gentleman was apprehended today while committing a burglary of a vending machine at Pine Ridge High School,” the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office wrote on their page.

It’s unclear how snacks the hilarious thief was able to chomp, but what’s more important he’s well and free and “he’s off to his next adventure.”

“We’re glad he’s OK and free to get on with his next adventure,” the sheriff’s office told to MNN!

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