They put a pre-school in a nursing home and the result? LIFE-CHANGING

All throughout life, people are often put into separate categories based on the age group they belong to. Children are put together with other children in kindergarten, teenagers go to school surrounded by other children, adults often go to work and their colleagues are often in the same age group, senior citizens often end up in nursing home where they spend most of their time surrounded by other older people.
It is how things are, and how they’ve been for as long as I can remember. And up to a point, it makes sense. I mean, people who are in the same age group often have similar interests and similar ways of seeing the world.
But maybe it’s not how things should be. Some variety sure wouldn’t hurt, and there’s at least one example that proves that it’s beneficial for everybody involved if people who belong to different age categories would spend more time together. You can find out more about it by watching the video below.
Also, there have actually been studies that showed that children who grow up around seniors do better in school and have longer attention spans. The benefit is mutual. Take a look:

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