Puppy meets baby goat for the first time and totally loses it

This is the adorable moment a four-month-old puppy meets a baby goat for the very first time. When this owner decided to introduce a 4-day-old baby goat to his dog, he had no idea what the puppy’s reaction would be. But no one would ever guessed, though, because the moment this sweet lab realizes the cute creature could actually be his friend, he has the funniest reaction. The dog’s antics was caught on video, and you’ll definitely fall in love with it!

YouTube/Sean Cadden

After one of the family’s goat gave birth to an adorable kid, Sean Cadden from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, thought that his puppy, Bud, and the tiny goat, they named Zoomer, would make some great friends. So, a few days after coming into this world, Zoomer was introduced too Bud. Though a very friendly puppy, the Labrador didn’t got the chance to meet another animal before, so the family didn’t know what to expect. But even if they would have planned it, it would worked like that!

YouTube/Sean Cadden

With But peacefully sitting onto his dog bed, Sean brings Zoomer inside the house and puts it inside the dog area. At first, Bud has no idea what’s happening, but after sniffing it, he realizes the sweet ‘thing’ in front of him isn’t a stuffed toy, but a real animal. It is when he completely loses it!

While the excited puppy is jumping all over the place, the adorable tiny goat seems more confused than ever. The cute little thing simply cannot explain itself, why the pooch is so happy, though!

Watch the adorable moment here:

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