Pup is dropped off at shelter, but his infectious smile has hundreds applying to adopt him

Everybody, meet Cheech! The tiny dog was dropped off at a shelter in Texas, and as soon as the staff members saw his one-of-a-kind smile, they knew it’s something that deserves to be shared with the world.

At just two-years-old, Cheech has already been through a lot. So the staff at the shelter were a bit concerned that Cheech might suffer from anxiety. Their worst fear was that Cheech was not a sociable dog and that his past experiences have made him lose trust in people. That’s because dogs who are not sociable and are afraid of people have a very small chance of getting adopted and becoming part of a loving family. But, as it turned out, Cheech just needed some time to adjust to the new situation.

As soon as he got to know the staff members a bit better, he charmed them with his unique smile. Cheech’s silly little grin that he had when he first arrived at the shelter slowly turned into an adorable, sweetest smile that will definitely warm up your heart.
After pictures showing Cheech’s wonderful smile went viral on social media, hundreds of people sent in applications wanting to adopt him, so it seems like thing are finally brightening up for this little fella.

“I went into the kennel to check him out and yelled for the other volunteers to come look,” Leah told The Dodo. “They thought I was insane and that he was snarling, when I stuck my hand in the cage I thought they were going to pass out. He’s as friendly as can be!”

In fact, those at the shelter already think they’ve found the perfect owner for Cheech, a kind, loving woman who had recently lost one of her two dogs to cancer. The two already had their first meeting, and connected instantly.

Take a look at Cheech’s viral smile in the video below:

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