He Pulls Over at Sight of Man Crawling On All Fours, It Doesn’t Take Long for Truth to Get Out

We are biologically hard-wired to help one another, but it seems that we express this natural drive more and more infrequent. Maybe it’s because we are busier than ever and more absorbed in our own problems than ever to actually stop and help a stranger in need.
But there are still people out there who understand the importance of community and being there for one another in times of need. David Lee Witherspoon is one of those people.
The man who is a St. Vincent de Paul volunteer didn’t think twice when he saw a homeless man crawling in the heat on the burning hot asphalt and immediately stopped to help. He noticed the man wasn’t wearing any shoes so he knew he had to act fast.
So he grabbed a bottle of water and used it to wash and dry the feet of the homeless man.
As you probably know, temperatures in Arizona where this happens get dangerously high during the summer, and spending even a few minutes in the scorching heat can put someone’s life at risk.
If it weren’t for David, the man might not have made it. This is definitely the kind of stories we should share more often!

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