Producers Ask Dr. Travis to Talk About Special Girl in His Life, Then He Loses It On Live TV

You may know Dr. Travis Stork as the charismatic host of the famous health show The Doctors. There, his role is to give his professional medical opinion as a certified doctor and showcase interesting, health-related stories.
And because he is there as a professional, Dr. Travis almost never talks about things going on in his personal life or get emotional on the show. But there are some cases when not even a professional like him can hide his emotions and hold back the tears.
During a recent show, Dr. Travis opened up about a special girl in his life and showed a side of himself that his audience don’t get to see that often. The doctor got emotional talking about his precious dog Nala and her health problems.
The dog has been a companion and a best friend for Dr. Travis for many years, and the two had a powerful bond that went beyond the typical relationship between a dog and its owner.
Just after taping this particular episode of the show, Nala unfortunately passed away due to her medical problems.
Make sure to grab some tissues before you hit play, because this one is a tear-jerker.

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