This Powerful Ad Has Answers for Parents Googling ‘Down Syndrome’

We live in a world that is characterized by easy access to all types of information. Nowadays, all you have to do is google something, and you get your answer immediately. The internet is a wonderful source for reliable, quality information, but there’s also a medium where false or inaccurate information can spread like wildfire.
This means that although everybody can access information easier than ever, it’s also easier to be misleaded. It is incredible how in the era of technology and information, so many people are uneducated when it comes to certain subjects of maximum importance.
The ad you are just about to see is a part of a bigger campaign meant to provide accurate, real and specific answers about Down syndrome.
Titled “Down Syndrome Answers,” the series covers everything from physical and intellectual development to what causes this syndrome and the life expectancy of those with Down syndrome.
The nonprofit Canadian Down Syndrome Society put together this campaign as a way to help parents who are seeking information after finding that their unborn children has been diagnosed with this condition.
It’s important that as many people as possible see this, so please help share this important message today!

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