Postal Worker Notices Boy On Route Is Gone, then 20 Mail Trucks Show Up at His House

Matthew Watkins, the17-year-old teen in the video below, waits for the mail to come every day, so for him getting to interact with the postal workers is one of the main highlights of his day. So the mailmen who have the Watkins family’s home on their route have become accustomed to Matthew greeting them and even welcoming into their home.
So when Matthew started missing, the Watkins’ postal worker immediately noticed the boy was gone. Matthew was not home for a full eight months, so the worker started asking around curious to find out what happened to Matt.
The answer she got was devastating. As it turned out, he was diagnosed with leukemia. As soon as she got a hold of the news, the postal worker knew she wanted to surprise Matthew when he got back home from the hospital to let him know that his friends at the post office support him.
They entire community came together to provide him with a surprise that included one of the boy’s favorite things in the world: mail trucks.
So when Matthew got home, a full fleet of mail trucks showed up in front of his house. Watch his emotional reaction here:

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