4 year old is visited by 20 policemen on Christmas Eve to bring him joy, after he lost his mother

A 4 year old boy received a special surprise for Christmas. He lost his mother one month ago and the little boy did not expect to smile on the most important day, Christmas Eve. But that was not the case, as a whole team of policemen from more than 10 departments in Massachusetts took their uniforms, filled the bags with toys, climbed into their “carriage” and headed for the boy’s house with dozens of gifts.

Among the gifts, 4-year-old Jaiden Clifford received a bicycle, an uniform from one of the policemen, as well as ride with the police car. The law enforcement tried to bring a smile to the little boy after the unfortunate events and to help him overcome the difficult moments.

JJ, as he likes to be called, now lives with his grandparents, who take care of him after his mother’s passing. The boy was at his grandparents house when policemen arrived loaded with gifts and much joy.

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