Police get stuck with the night shift. How they end up passing the time? LOVE THIS!

Night shifts are pretty difficult, especially when you’re a cop. On nights when there is little activity on the streets, it can get pretty lonely, or pretty challenging. Well, the cops in the video below are sure not the kind to get bored during a night shift, especially if there’s a special event going on. They sure know how to make the most out of any situation.
The images you are just about to see were recorded at the famous festival that takes place Notting Hill Carnival in London. Each year, the event attracts millions if tourist, and for one night, the streets are completely alive. For those in the police force, large crowds typically mean large problems. It’s not uncommon for things to go out of control and people to get out of hand, especially when there’s alcohol involved.
It’s definitely nice to see police officers who can keep the crowd in control and still have a little fun in the meantime.
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