Polar bear cub has the funniest reaction when a baby seal pops through ice

Even it is the toughest world, wilderness frequently offers hilariously adorable scenes and mostly the main characters are baby animals. This time it is a cute polar bear cub that steals everyone’s heart with its adorable reaction.


While filming for the series Snow Bears, a BBC team has managed to capture on cameras a very cute scene. The filmmakers were recording the journey of a polar bear an her two cubs from the Svalbard islands to the North Pole. Once they got on the huge ice cap, the mother tries to teach her little babies hunting skills. But apparently, they’re not the best students as one of the cubs fails its lesson in an epic way.

The sweet little one was supposed to catch its dinner, when a seal unexpectedly popped up in front of it, turning the plot into a hilarious moment. The polar bear cub was taken completely by surprise by the seal cub and it ends up falling back. Thankfully, the BBC team decided to upload the funny scene on Youtube where it gained over 9 million views.

“A polar bear waits patiently for a seal, but her cub is taken by surprise when it appears unexpectedly,” they wrote! Take a look:

Of course, people felt in love with the cub’s reaction. “I’d be surprised too if dinner popped up from the floor in front of me,” one person wrote, while another one added: “I like how the seal realizes it’s a baby just sits there for a minute and looks . If that was mama he would not have done that.”

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