Plumbers are expensive. Here are the best ways to unclog your toilet without a plumber

A clogged toilet is a nightmare in every sense of the word. But it’s a nightmare that is a part of life, so you might as well learn what to do in these types of unwanted situations as well.
Now, the first impulse that you are most likely going to have when coming “face to face” with the reality of a clogged toilet will be to run and leave everything behind. Resist the urge, because it’s just not feasible.
The second thing that will pop to mind will be to call a plumber and let them take care of it. Our advice is to resist this thought as well. Firstly, because hiring a plumber is expensive, and secondly, because you can actually take care of it yourself.
As long as you have some dish soap and some paper toilet, you will be able to unclog any toilet – even if you don’t have a plunge. It’s a simple technique that can definitely save you a lot of trouble (and embarrassment) in the future.
Everything you need to know about it is provided in the clip below.
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