“Please don’t do this!” authorities ask as concerns over proposed tribute to firefighters grow

A tribute made for firefighters who have been fighting bushfires across Australia has not been sustained by local authorities due to the confusion it may cause.On social media platforms, many people were talking about sticking orange ribbons to their letterboxes on January 10, as a sign of respect, a tribute to all the firefighters across the country who have been battling 24/7 to control the huge, raging bush fires. But this kind of action is not well received by fire brigades as this could confuse firefighters from different parts of the country. One of the many fire agencies opposing the idea was the Wodonga West Fire Brigade, and they explained why such an initiative going national could cause mass confusion.

Smoke from Australia’s fires have crossed the Pacific and reached Chile and Argentina, weather services in South America have confirmed.
Surrounded by the flames of September, Sydney residents have hopefully received the rains of joy over the past few days.
Precipitation is not strong enough to extinguish the fire, and meteorologists say the heat and wind will settle again by the end of the week. The rain just gave the authorities the opportunity to reopen roads and evacuate people.

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