Plane honoring hero firefighters from 9/11 touches down in Worcester in memory of a fallen lieutenant

The jet is named “Blue Bravest” painted in strong red to honor the firefighters lost in the line of duty while saving others on Sept. 11, 2001.
JetBlue company normally doesn’t use “Blue Bravest” aircraft at the Worcester Regional Airport but after hearing about the sad events and receiving a special request from a firefighter hoping to honor a fallen Worcester lieutenant, JetBlue decided to send the plane there.

Jowel Grzyb, a firefighter in Webster, contacted JetBlue knowing that the plane’s arrival in the heartbroken city would offer a beautiful tribute to Lt. Jason Menard, who gave his life to save others in a house fire in Worcester on Wednesday.
Menard and his team received a call around 1 a.m. on Wednesday, regarding a house fire. They received news regarding a trapped resident and baby, Worcester Fire Chief Michael Lavoie said.

The crew from Ladder 5 was trapped by raging flames, at the third floor. Sadly, Menard was unable to escape because he put the lives of his crew members before his own.
Grzyb said he hopes this small act will help the community heal as well.

“After a sad event like that, you know, a couple days afterward, it’s just something as small as a plane like that coming in with the FDNY livery on it,” he said. “It just takes your mind off it for a little while.”

The plane spent about 40 minutes in Worcester before taking off for its next destination!

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