Rescue dog can’t stop smiling after getting adopted

Dogs are lovely, loyal and friendly. But they’re also very social creatures and every time they’re left behind heartbreaks them. When ended up in a shelter, Meaty was pretty much the same. Scared and confused, far from him the thought he would eventually make through.

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However, when Lisa Reilly stopped in front of his kennel at a local shelter in Central Valley, California – a miracle happened. Suddenly, the adorable Meaty wasn’t sad anymore. He just started to wag his tail and then put his little paw through the kennel’s bars like he knew the woman that was standing in front of him is his adoptive mom. For Lisa was also love at first sight. The caring woman had lost her beloved pup a few months earlier, so when she met Meaty there was an instant connection between them.

From that moment the rescue pit bull didn’t stop smiling. It is incredible how a forever home can change a dog’s state of mind. This poor little buddy was minutes away from euthanazia, but his salvation miraculously came through an angel called Lisa.

Now Meaty is unrecognizable. With his contagious smile is miles away from the heartbroken dog at the shelter. But how he could ever be different with such a big lovely family. Meaty doesn’t have only a lovely mom, but also four adorable furry brothers. He shares the big home with two other pit bulls – Ricardo Tubbs and Punky; and two cute Dachshunds – Bitty and Dappe.

Image credits Instagram

Since happiness is contagious, Meaty also became an internet sensation with his big smile. He and his lovely brothers have more than 157,000 followers. And that’s just on Instagram alone! Follow Meaty here!

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