Pit Bull Is Completely Obsessed With Her New Kitten

For a really, really long time, we were all under the impression that a loving relationship between a dog and a cat is just not possible, since cats and dogs are definitely very different. Some people still believe that a cat and a dog can never be friends.
Well, the dog in the video below is breaking all kinds of stereotypes and misconceptions. Misconception number one: Pit Bulls are an aggressive breed. Well, judging from these images, that couldn’t be further from the truth. As you can see, this dog is a Pit Bull and is as gentle as can be. It’s pretty obvious the dog is extremely loving and friendly, so I guess that myth about how all Pit Bulls are aggressive and dangerous is just that, a myth.
Let’s move over to the second misconception this dog has helped break, namely that dogs and cats can’t get along. I think it’s safe to say that this kind pup not only likes her feline companion, she totally adores her.
Well, there you have it, two myths busted in less than 40 seconds. I think that at least deserves a share, don’t you?

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