20 People Who Turned Piling Logs Into An Art Form

BAs far as most people are concerned, a pile of logs is just a pile of logs. They’re good for building a fire, or to be used as prime materials for furniture. But the mind of an artist works in a different way.

In the right hands, even something as ordinary as piling logs can be transformed into an art form. You just need creativity and ingenuity. Also, the images below are proof that this is true.

Who knew piling logs had so much artistic potential just waiting to be discovered and explored, right? You surely won’t look at logs the same way you used to once you take a good look at the works of art which these innovative people have created.

But depending on the type of wood, its color, and the way they are cut, there are an infinite number of creations that an artist could imagine. Wood comes in so many different colors, so in a way, it’s a lot like painting with colors.

There’s no limit to human creativity, and whenever you think you’ve seen it all and that nothing can surprise you anymore, you are proven wrong. These works of art are definitely an inspiration, as well as an encouragement to think outside the box more often.

Who knows what kind of genius ideas might pop into your head seemingly out of nowhere.

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Stacked firewood art. Piled wood, grass and flowers.











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