Picky Eaters Change Habits for a Week and Prove They Are Giant Babies

Remember when you were a kid and your mom told you you’re never be strong like Popeye the Sailor if you don’t eat your greens? Well, I hated spinach when I was little, so I was willing to risk staying weak and skinny for the rest of my life. I know I wasn’t the only one.
Kids are notorious picky eaters. Most kids stay away from broccoli and anything green really like Superman stays away from kryptonite. Parents can only hope it’s only a phase and that kids will eventually start eating more of the healthy stuff and less of the fried stuff.
But for some parents, that moment never comes. Some children picky eaters turn into adults picky eaters. The men and women in the video below say they are physically repulsed by certain foods and have excluded them entirely from their diets.
That’s until they were asked to take part in an experiment for which they had to eat adventurously for an entire week. Well, the experiment definitely pushed their boundaries and made them dislike certain foods even more, if that was even possible.
Some of these reactions will totally take you back to those family dinners where mom put something on the table and you had to eat it or else…

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