25 photos proving that puppies can sleep wherever they please

The reason we love puppies so much is they constantly amuse us. Whether they’re eating or playing, these cute little fluffy balls always succeed to put a smile on our faces and bright up our days. However, it’s so hard if not impossible to find something funnier than a puppy taking a nap. And not necessary due to their sleeping routine (which can also be pretty hilarious sometimes, by the way), but because they tend to fall asleep almost everywhere. And that seems to please so much!

Needless to mention that little puppies use to sleep quite a lot. In fact they could easily sleep up to eighteen hours a day. I know, it sounds crazy, but the explanation is very simple. Just like little babies, puppies also need to rest a lot for a proper development. So starting from this, their daily routine is quite simple: eat-sleep-play-repeat!

We at the Majestic Animals, have put together a list of funny snaps to show you that puppies could easily sleep wherever they please! Take a look and feel free to choose your favorite one!

  1. Eating until sleeping…

2. Too much effort.

3. Sweet dreams.

4. Let’s go for a ride.

5. That door was difficult to open.

6. Too lazy to move.

7. Too much wine…



10. The next morning after a night out.

11. I believe I can fly…

12. One of those rainy days.

13. A ruff day at work.


15. I worked too much…again.

16. Enjoying the view.


18. What happened here?!

19. It probably was an exhausting race.

20. Sometimes shopping is so boring.

21. I love to read.

22. This one is too cute to handle.


24. This too much!

25. I love playing…

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