Photo of Smiling Premature Baby Is Going Viral, Here’s The Heart-wrenching Story Behind It

Baby photos are always adorable to look at, but this photo has a deeper meaning. The photo shows beautiful baby girl Freya.
Freya was born prematurely via C-section due to severe complication. The baby’s mom Lauren started experiencing strange symptoms pretty early during her pregnancy. But the biggest red flag indicating that something was definitely wrong was the extremely swelling of her ankles.
Soon after that, Lauren started seeing flashing lights. She was finally diagnosed and the doctors told her the baby needed to enter this world much sooner than expected.
It was really hard in the beginning, as doctors were pretty reserved when it comes to Freya’s chances of survival, but her parents knew in their hearts that their baby girl is a fighter and that everything will be alright.
And after five days in intensive therapy, the baby gave a smile for the camera that will surely melt your heart. Three years later, baby Freya is a happy and healthy baby girl with a pretty incredible photo album.
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