People Who Love Babies Get Surprised With Babies

Deciding to have a baby is a huge decision, probably the most important decision you’ll ever have to make. A baby totally changes your life.
No more leaving town when you feel like it, no more getting drunk in the middle of the week, no more feeling like you’re the most important person of the face of the Earth, no more sleeping for a few months. A kid means being more responsible and more aware of the fact that there will be consequences for everything you do.
But who cares about all that stuff when babies are so freaking adorable! A single look from your baby and a hug are enough to wash away all the hardships that come with being a parent. Everybody likes babies, but some people really, really like babies. These Buzfeed employees are among those people, which is why they were perfect for taking part in this video.
They were surprised with two babies and they reactions are, oh well, totally understandable considering they love babies. One woman actually called her husband afterwards asking him what he would think if they had another baby. In all fairness, those babies were totally adorable.

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