Pentatonix’s Spine Tingling Version of “Mary Did You Know” Is Leaving Everyone in Awe

Pentatonix is a Christmas-music-making machine. Every year, the world-famous a Capella quintet release a Christmas special or album full of our favorite carols and Christmas songs that make the holiday so much better.
No one does Christmas like Pentatonix does Christmas, and with every music video they release, they help spread the magic and wonder of the holiday season even further.
What’s more, the group has also conquered the world of TV holiday specials with “A Pentatonix Christmas Special” last year on NBC and “A Very Pentatonix Christmas” last week, also on NBC. They are everywhere during this special time of the year!
So it’s becoming harder and harder to imagine the holidays without one of Pentatonix’s songs playing in the background somewhere. And no one seems to be mad about it, though.
In the clip below, you can listen to the group’s original members perform a beautiful rendition of “Mary Did You Know” that will definitely give you goosebumps. There’s a reason Pentatonix has pretty much become synonymous with Christmas music; they are that good and they have the right attitude as well.
This version will be playing in a lot of homes this Christmas; there is no doubt about that!

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