Parents Be Warned, A New Social Media Challenge Is Putting Kids in The Hospital

When was the last time you’ve seen a teen without a smartphone glued up to their hands? You can’t remember, right? According to recent studies, teenagers today spend pretty much all their waking hours staring at a screen.
Between Facebook, Snapchat and all the new apps coming out on a daily basis, there’s endless temptations for bored teens to take out their phones and kill time. But teens don’t just go online to scroll through photos and chat with their friends.
There is a growing number of online challenges taking over social media, and many of them are aimed at teenage boys and girls. The latest craze online? A game called the “salt and ice challenge,” a game so dangerous that is landing those who play it in hospitals across the country.
The most alarming thing is that teens don’t seem to be aware of the possible consequences of playing this game. Kids are giving themselves second-degree burns similar to frostbite, but only realize it after it’s too late to prevent it from happening.
It’s paramount that more teens and parents are informed about the dangers of playing this so-called game, so make sure to share this with everyone you know.

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