Parents Come Home with Newborn, Bird’s “Welcome” Has Them Running for The Camera

Parrots’ ability to mimic the sounds they hear around the house is downright incredible. In case you are not convinced, you have to watch the video below.
In it, a clever parrot mimics the cry of a newborn baby, and it’s definitely something you need to see (and most importantly hear) to believe.
The parrot first heard how a baby crying sounds like when its owners brought their bundle of joy home from the hospital.
They didn’t think that the parrot would pay so much attention to the sounds the little one was making, but as it turns out, the bird was more than observant of the noises coming from the baby’s room.
The parrot managed to mimic the baby’s cry so well that the parents actually thought it was their baby crying when they first heard the parrot making the noises.
But when they rushed into the baby’s room, they saw he was sound asleep, and then is when they realized there will be a lot more of that crying going on in their home from that point on.
There are many ways to stop a baby from crying, but a parrot’s instinct to mimic sounds is deeply embedded into its genetic makeup. So these owners definitely have their work cut out for them.

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