A pair of young children hold hands. When the music starts? They’re UNBELIEVABLE!

After we’ve had a few beers, most of us seem to be under the impression that we’ve suddenly become awesome dancers, and can’t wait to show off our skills and moves.
But the truth is that most of us don’t have the right skills to call ourselves great dancers. Rhythm is something you either have or you don’t. It comes from deep within you, and some say you’re born with it.
Well, the kids in the video below are definitely among those few people who have an natural talent for dancing. Despite their young age, they already have the moves and the attitude of professional dancers who have years of experience performing on stage.
Alyza Mae Balanon and her friend Adriel Brien Adora are two of the best dancers in the Philippines, and they are unbelievably talented. The duo made quite an impression when they appeared on popular TV show Dance Kids. Then, they impressed both the judges and the audience with their talent and insane moves.
Their talent didn’t go unnoticed on social media either, as videos of them dancing were shared thousands of times by people who appreciated their dancing.

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