Pair of sea turtles caught on camera sharing a tender moment

Though humans call it wildlife, Mother Nature had offered – and not just once – some extremely tender scenes,
meant remind us that animals have feelings too. Speaking of romanticism, a heartwarming photo of two sea turtles apparently sharing a kiss has recently went viral online!

Usually such beautiful moments are caught on camera by wildlife photographers, but to everyone’s surprise, this adorable snap was the work of a police officer. Earlier this month, officers from the Sarasota Police Department in Florida, joined their forces with conservationist teams, in order to protect the marine life during the Powerboat Grand Prix event.

While on duty, officer Campbell spotted two sea turtles popping their heads out of water, so he decided to capture the moment on camera. However, what he might never expected was to see the two marine creatures sharing an intimate moment right in front of the patrol. The two turtles apparently share a kiss and the heartwarming moment won everyone’s heart.

Sarasota Police Department

The romanticism of the two turtles didn’t stop the officers to do their job, though. They had clear instruction to stop the boat race anytime, if they considered a marine creature may have been in danger.

“If marine life is spotted in or along the race course, races will pause until they pass,” the Sarasota Police Department wrote on Facebook. “We’ve got eyes from high up, beachside & on boats not only to keep humans safe but marine life too!”

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