Owner Builds Cats Maze with 50 Boxes. 3 Million Have Watched Them ‘Struggle’ Through It

Cats are pretty mysterious creatures, but if there is one thing we know about them is that they love boxes. Felines will try to get into any box they come across, and stay there for minutes and minutes in a row. But have you ever wondered what is the explanation behind cat’s incredible fascination for boxes?
Well, some specialists think it’s all connected to cats’ strong instincts for preservation. To them, the box represents a safe place that offers them shelter and security. That’s because cats think the box provides them with an excellent hiding place, although we can always pretty much guess where they are.
What’s more, a recent study which was published in the journal Applied Animal Behavior Science revealed that boxes can actually help reduce a cat’s stress levels. So boxes might just be trash to you, but for cats, they are priceless.
Knowing this, the owner in the video below decided to build the ultimate maze box for his loving felines. Made of no less than 50 boxes, the entire construction is pretty much any cat’s dream. And to make things more interesting, the owner also hid small treats in different spots of the maze.
Then, he introduced the cats to the mighty construction and made sure to capture their reactions as they did their best to navigate the maze and get to their favorite treats.
I’m not going to lie; this is one of the most entertaining things I’ve seen all week. If you have friends who like cats, please share this with them. We think they’ll love it.

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