Owlet and kitten meet in a coffee shop and become inseparable friends

The animal world proves to be an endless source of odd bonds between different species, and just when we thought we’ve seen them all, another adorable friendship airs and wins everyone’s heart. This time a kitten and her unlikely owlet companion steal the show. Everyone meet Marimo and Fuku!

Hukulou Coffee

Like all these adorable friendships, it was love at first sight for Marimo the kitten and her now inseparable friend Fuku, the owlet. However, it was very unusual the place the two have met. Believe it or not, they initially met at a coffee shop in Osaka, Japan.

Hukulou Coffee

Now, they are both precious residence of Owl Coffee, an animal-themed cafe. Unlikely other similar themed coffee shops, this one bring a large variety of furry residents. From rabbits, hedgehogs, turtles, lizards or hamsters and of course owls and cats, everyone’s more than welcomed there!

Naturally, Marimo and Fuku are always there to greet their guests. Always a lovely presence, the friendly pair never refuses a photo session. They just pose with every visitor wiling to take photos of them. And who can blame them? Only to look at these two is enough to fall in love!

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