Friendly Dutch owl loves to land on people’s heads

While watching wild animals interacting with humans is a very common sighting, when is comes down to a majestic owl the first thing to expect is to be friendly. But this European Eagle owl feels more than comfortable in the presence of people. In fact, the 6lbs bird loves to land on…people’s heads!

Menno Shaefer

When hearing about the owl’s strange routine, Menno Shaefer, a 48-year-old photographer from Zaandam, Netherlands decided to pay it a visit as he wanted to convince himself about its behavior. “‘I had heard a lot about the owl and decided to visit the site to see it in action for myself,” Shaefer said. “It was a very funny thing to watch.”

Menno Shaefer

Just as the locals in Noordeinde town, the photographer did not find an explanation for the owl’s unlikely actions, but in the end he as everyone else, enjoyed the massive bird’s company. “Whilst photographing the owl, it did try to land one my head once,” Shaefer told to NL Times. “However I’m just as confused as anyone as to why it does this.”

Menno Shaefer

The residents, on the other hand are happy to see their place attracts sights, because of the owl. “Our village is finally on the map,” a resident said. “I have seen photographers and birders from around the country, from The Hague to Spijkenisse, they come from everywhere to see the eagle owl.” Take a look:

h/t: whitewolf

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