Little Emily Bear, the girl you are about to meet by watching the video below, was born with an extraordinary gift. Having had two older siblings who both played musical instrument, Emily was used to hearing music even since she was just a baby in her crib.
But no one in the family could have anticipated that Emily will actually start playing an instrument before she learned to walk properly. It all started when Emily was just two-years-old. Her grandma heard someone playing the piano. As she entered the room where the music was coming from, the woman expected to see one of her older granddaughters there.
She was shocked to see Emily was the one playing. It was like Emily had the innate ability to play this complicated instrument. Since then, Emily has continued to mesmerize people with her incredible natural talent.
From the White House to her own house, this talented girl has wowed her audiences every single time she performed.
And although she is only 6-years-old now, she’s already been called a prodigy. Some even say she could be the next Mozart. That’s because Emily also composes her own music. You need to see (and listen) to this!