Officer Offers to Watch 2-Year-Old While Dad’s in Court – Dad Returns and Melts at The Scene

Raising a 2-year-old is no small feat, so parents could use all the help they can get, especially when they have to juggle with doing more things at once (which is pretty much all the time when you are the parent of a small child).
But we’re pretty sure the dad in the video below would never expected that help to come from a police officer whom he barely knew. You see, Jose Moncayo had to appear at the Utah County courthouse to take care of a traffic ticket he had received, and he found himself in a pretty difficult position.
The man had no one to leave his 2-year-old daughter with, so he had to take her with him to court. And when it was time for Jose to get inside, he realized he had a huge problem: he wasn’t allowed to bring his daughter with him.
Luckily, a police officer who become aware of the sticky situation the man was in offered to help and babysit the little girl while Jose worked things out with the judge. As surveillance videos captured, the toddler felt so comfortable hanging out with the police officer that she actually fell asleep in his arms.
Take a look:

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