Policeman lies on street to comfort loyal horse in her final moments

Animals not only keep us company and make us laugh, but some of them actually protect us and help us stay safe. I’m talking about police animals, whose job is often difficult and life-threatening.

Whether we’re talking about dogs or horses, these animals have earned their status as police officers and deserve every bit as much respect and appreciation as every person in law enforcement. Whenever a police animal falls in service, fellow police officer suffer as much as they would if they would have lost a human colleague. There’s no doubt!

Facebook/Houston Police Department

The scenes below went viral, and it’s all for the right reasons. It shows Houston Police Officer Herrejon comfort his partner Charlotte the Police Horse in her final moments. The two had been partners for more than four years and have been through a lot together during that time. But sadly, it all came apart due to a terrible accident.

Facebook/Houston Police Department

The two brave officers were patrolling the streets of Houston as usually when the horse got scared by a loud noise coming from a construction site nearby and fell hard on the cement. Unfortunately, the horse suffered severe injuries and didn’t survive the accident. It’s nice to know that she was not alone and that she had a friend by her side in her final moment, though!

The Houston Police Department took Facebook to pay tribute to their loyal horse!

Facebook/Houston Police Department

“It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of Charlotte, an HPD Mounted Patrol horse, who passed in the line of duty this morning…” the police department wrote. “Charlotte came to HPD as an unstarted 2-year old Tennessee Walker from Oklahoma….She loved her job and was always ready to go to work putting bad guys in jail or giving nuzzles to children. She served the citizens of Houston for 4 years. She will be missed!”

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