Officer Breaks Window for Baby in Hot Car, Moments Later Discovers He’s Made Terrible Mistake

With all the news about babies dying in hot cars, many of us wouldn’t think twice if we were to see a baby whom we thought may be in danger, and take action. It’s exactly what the man in the video below did, but his good intentions didn’t have the anticipated results.
Police officer Jason Short responded to a call about a baby being trapped in a hot car in the parking lot of a shopping center, and when he arrived at the scene, he took a look inside the car, and it was obvious to him that he has to act fast and save the baby from certain death.
Without hesitation, the officer broke the window of the car, but when he reached to take the baby out and started performing CPR, he couldn’t believe his eyes. You see, the baby was actually a super realistic baby doll made out of plastic.
The doll looked so much like a baby that the officer did CPR on it for several minutes until realizing what was really going on.
The police department agreed to pay for damages following this incident. However, they hope other doll owners will think twice about leaving their dolls in their cars in the future.

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