Nurse Cares for Woman Daily, But On Day Off She Sneaks into Her Room & Shows Her True Colors

Due to the human nature of their profession, nurses seem to have developed a special kind of compassion when it comes to caring for patients. And sometimes, they get so close to them that they actually see them as their own members of the family.
It’s what happened in the case of the nurse in the video below. Isabelle had been in charge of caring of a patient named Hannah for quite a considerable amount of time. So she developed a special kind of affection for her.
And when she found out that Hannah was getting worse and that she would most likely not make it through the night, Isabelle decided to come in on her day off to visit Hannah and comfort her in her final hours.
What’s more, Isabelle actually sang a touching song while she sat close to Hannah in her hospital room. The nurse’s angelic voice seemed to have really comforted Hannah as well as her family who was obviously going through a difficult moment as well.
It’s people like Isabelle who prove that humanity is definitely not lacking in the compassion department. So if there’s one video I hope you’ll share today, it’s this one.

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