New Snapchat filter turns your dog into a Disney character and it’s every dog lover’s dream come true

While Snapchat filters are a good source of amusement among people, for a while. I’ve always wonder how adorable it would be to got a filter on our dogs as well. But, guess what? The long wait is finally over as the popular app has finally released a filter meant to “Disneyfy” our beloved pups. And it is every dog lover’s dream come true!

Source: Facebook

The tip-off has recently surfaced online thanks to dog owner. She shared the awesome news with dog lovers in the famous Dogspotting Society Facebook group. “For those that don’t know… Snapchat has a new filter and it basically Disneyfies your dog. YOU ARE WELCOME. Plz post your Disney dawgs here,” the woman wrote. The post immediately went viral with ten of thousands of reaction in less than 24 hours.

Source: Screenshot/Facebook

That came as a storm and ever since the Internet has been flooded by pups looking like adorable Disney characters. Called “cartoon face,” the filter is all we’ve been waited.

Even though the vast majority of dog owners can’t hide their enthusiasm to this new filter, there are still some unlucky pups who failed to nail it. Like this one, for instance. However, we should appreciate its owner’s sarcasm though. “He looks just like a prince now from Disney,” the owner wrote!

Image credits Facebook
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