More and more states throughout the United States are taking important steps when it comes to protecting animals against abusers. And now a new piece of legislation is meant to further this endeavor by requiring animal abusers to register in the same way sex offenders are required to.
The Tennessee Animal Abuse registry will be used to identify those who can’t be trusted as dog caretakers. This will help pet shops, vets and individuals make more informed decisions when it comes to dog ownership. But the implications are much greater than it may seem.
“We know there is a very strong correlation between animal abuse and domestic violence,” Suffolk County legislator Jon Cooper said. “Almost every serial killer starts out by torturing animals, so in a strange sense we could end up protecting the lives of people.”
According to recent statistics, the average number of reported animal abuse cases is 1,920 per year in the United States alone. We are better than this and we need to do better when it comes to protecting those who can’t protect themselves. And this piece of legislation is for sure a step in the right direction. Watch the news report below to find out more about it: