Why you should never put your feet up on the dashboard of a car, firefighters warn

A lot of people, both children and adults what put their feet on the dashboard of the car when traveling. But what seems to be a very comfortable and relaxing way to travel as a passenger is actually extremely dangerous!

Recently, an Australian fire service shared a powerful video on Facebook, trying to warn people why it isn’t safe at all to put your feet on the car’s dashboard. While for may doesn’t seem to be a big deal, in case of an impact the things could go incredible bad.

The footage was shared by Narrabeen Fire and Rescue Service and it shows a passenger side airbag being set off when the car is stopped.The force of an airbag being while goes off is unimaginable. When an airbag is sett off its incredible force could easy wrecks the the car’s windshield. Just try to imagine what would happen if you are keeping your feet on the dashboard, when the airbag goes off?

And the reason firefighters are raising awareness of this habit is the big number of incidents. In 2016, in Australia more than 400 people went to hospitals after getting injured while keeping their feet on the dashboard, The Australian National Roads and Motorists Association reports.

“A friendly reminder to keep your feet off the dashboard when travelling in vehicles,” the Narrabeen Fire and Rescue Service wrote on their video caption!

We should all be aware of how dangerous this habit is. It is also for our own safety to listen all this warnings. And to understand how dangerous this is, before it’s too late.

Grainne Kelly, a 35-year-old woman also warns about putting the feet on the dashboard, after she broke all her bones in a crash.

“I had decided along the way that I would be more comfortable if my feet were on the dashboard. By doing this my feet were placed directly on top of the airbag without realising.”

She said she was inspired by celebrities to stay like this while traveling!

“Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Conor McGregor or Selena Gomez have all posted photos to their Instagram with their feet on the dashboard. They have billions of followers who see that. You see it in films and on TV, it’s everywhere, ” she said. “I just want to warn others about how dangerous it can be. I didn’t know – and some people say to me ‘how could you have been so stupid?’ but I honestly didn’t realise it could be so dangerous. I thought because I was wearing a seatbelt and was sat up properly in the car, I was safe. I want people to learn from my mistake.”

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