Never Mind Trump and Clinton. ‘Black Jeopardy’ is SNL’s best political sketch this year.

Saturday Night Live political sketches that revolve around Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and the presidential debate overall have definitely sparked a lot of controversy in the last few days.
But guess what? One of the show’s BEST political sketches so far doesn’t feature Kate McKinnon or Alec Baldwin as Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. This six-minute long sketch has Tom Hanks as the main star, and it’s definitely something you’ll want to see for yourself.
This is not the first time Saturday Night Live has staged their version of “Black Jeopardy”. They’ve done similar sketches before, but never like this. This was the first time the white contestant — a Trump fan named Doug played by the very talented Tom Hanks — proved to be surprisingly well-prepared to play the game.
The categories are downright hilarious. From “Big Girls” to “They Out Here Saying,” each category came with a clue that sparked some hilarious responses that do a great job when it comes to painting a portrait of society today.
If you need a good laugh, make sure to watch the sketch until the very end. You won’t be sorry you did, no matter whom you are routing for in this presidential campaign.

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