Nervous Girl Takes the Stage to Sing “Somebody to Love,” Within Moments Has Judges Freaking Out

There must be something in the water, cause kids these days seem to be getting more talented with every year that goes by. Just take a look at the incredible young lady in the video below!
Jessica R. is a young girl with a voice of an angel that is definitely going to make you fall in love with her immediately. Jessica recently auditioned for The Voice UK Kids where she delivered a memorable performance that nobody will be able to forget anytime soon.
Although she was a bit nervous at first to sing in front of so many people (and the world, after only a few seconds into the song, she started to feel more comfortable on stage and showcase her amazing talent.
Jessica sang a rendition of Somebody to Love by Queen, and hit all the right notes, despite her young age and lack of experience on stage!
So the only thing left for the judges was to hit their button and turn their chairs to find out who is the person behind the amazing voice they got to hear.
Some people just seem born to be on stage, and this amazing young lady is definitely one of them.

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