All You Need is One Teabag and You Might Not Ever See Mice or Spiders in Your House Again!

We all like to laugh at people who get scared when they see a tiny mice or spider and jump on a chair just to get away from the nasty pest. That’s until you get to experience these sorts of things yourself and then this kind of behavior becomes totally understandable.
If you ever had an infestation before, then you surely know just how annoying that can be. And in case you are dealing with such a problem right away, chances are you’re looking for a fast solution as we speak.
Well, the good news is you won’t have to go far to find it. There’s an easy fix to keep mice and spiders at bay, and it’s in your kitchen cabinet: teabags. However, not any kind of tea will do. The ones that work best are peppermint and mint tea. All you have to do is brew some tea. While the tea cools down a bit, used the infused tea bags to cover up any entry points like holes or cracks where rodents could enter your home.
Now, all there’s left to do is relax and drink your tea. You won’t have to worry about mice and spiders invading your home any longer.

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