Mural showing a Koala holding a hose pays homage to Australian firefighters

A famous street artist created a beautiful and heart warming mural of a koala fighting the bush fires with a hose. Andrew Gibbons painted the colorful mural on Melbourne’s Hosier Lane, a narrow laneway where graffiti artists display their unique works of art.
The mural is paying homage to the New South Wales Rural Fire Service and and the words ‘thank you RFS’ are written in the top left corner.
While he was working on the beautiful display, he was doing something noble. The artist, Mr Gibbons, from Melbourne, collected donations for the Wildlife and Nature Recovery Fund while he painted. The work of art was presented on Monday but Andrew and Melbourne locals decided to post it on Instagram.
He wrote: ‘We got together to paint and raise money for bush fire recovery here in Australia.

‘The support was great and what cant be done alone, maybe we can get done together.

‘Shout out to all the people facing the blaze and caring for the lives affected most Rural Fire Services in this instance was meant generally and not pertaining specifically to NSW registered firies.

The money raised is all being passed on to the WWF wildlife recovery fund.’

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