Colorado man stumbles upon group of mountain lions hanging around his porch

Just like any other wild cat, mountain lions are gorgeous animals. However, it is highly unrecommended to get close to them. But what of you have no choice? Well, then all you can do is to enjoy the moment and maybe to capture it on film, because most likely no one would believe you, right?

Screenshot via Youtube

It was a nearly too-close-for-comfort situation for this guy in Colorado, who was getting ready to enjoy his coffee on his back porch, but only to come across a group of cougars who were comfortable wondering around. Though a sight he never encountered before, the lucky man eventually decided to admire his unlikely visitors through the window as he safely remained inside his house.

Screenshot via Youtube

A true animal lover, Andy Davis encountered all sort of small wild animals in his backyard in the city of Conifer, but he never came that close to a mountain lion. Well, this time, not one, but four of these majestic felines decided to pay him a visit. Naturally, he was more excited than ever!

“I was just amazed.It just blew my mind,” Davis told FOX31. “My whole life I’ve been waiting to see cats. I have never seen a mountain lion the whole time I’ve lived up here.”

Screenshot via Youtube

But the unanticipated visit shortly came to an end as the wild cats lost their way back in the forest, minutes after. Yet it was enough for Davis to capture the moment on his cellphone. “It definitely was the most amazing thing I’ve ever see,” he said. “I highly doubt I’ll ever get to see something like that again.”

You can watch the lovely encounter, bellow:

Even though watching these beautiful creatures from such a short distance was definitely a sight to behold for Davis, he alerted his neighbors, though; aware of how dangerous an unexpected encounter with a wild mountain lion can be. The National Wildlife Federation also recommends to avoid interactions with these wild animals – as much as possible – as they can be extremely dangerous, especially when they have cubs.

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