Orphaned baby hedgehogs find comfort in unlikely foster cat mom

Unlikely humans, animals seem to posses an incredible set of skills when it comes to caring for those in need of help. But above all, an animal’s maternal instincts prove this empathy goes beyond species. And while for many cats are seen as pretty asocial creatures, they are no different when it comes to this.

A very unusual adoption happened at the Sadgorod Zoo in Vladivostok, Russia. A selfless cat named Musya has saved the lives of eight baby hedgehogs, after they lost their mom. The tiny creatures were only a couple of days old when they became orphans. The staff at the zoo had to quickly find a solution as the baby hedgehogs’ lives was on the edge. They initially tried to fed them from bottles, but unsuccessfully.

It’s when they thought to an ultimate solution – a foster cat to take care of them. And thankfully, that move saved the little one’s lives. “The eight babies were left without a mother,” Alyona Asnovina, Sadgorod Zoo deputy director said. “They didn’t eat on their own. After two days, the hedgehogs were becoming hungry.

Musya had been fostering some orphaned kittens before, so she still had milk. Surprisingly, the kind-hearted cat instantly adopted the poor hedgehogs and offered them the comfort they needed. “Literally, after a couple of seconds they approached the cat, they understood at once what to do, having felt her warmth and the smell of milk,” Alyona said. “Surprisingly, the cat also understood instantly what was expected of her. She lay down and fortunately, the hedgehogs began to nurse.”

h/t: mailonline

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