What if Morgan Freeman was the voice of your GPS? — HILARIOUS

Morgan Freeman has one of the easiest to recognize voices in the entertainment industry – and in the world. His voice is very much appreciated for its soothing tone that just makes everybody who listens to it instantly fall in love with. There’s just something about Morgan Freeman’s voice that just makes you want to listen to it over and over again.
Now let me ask you this: How would you like to get Morgan Freeman’s voice on your car’s GPS system? Wouldn’t it be nice to be his voice the one guiding you to your destination, instead of that annoying voice that kind of makes you swear a lot behind the wheel?
Just picture: it’s just you, your car, the open road, and Morgan Freemen giving you directions and telling you to turn left or right. Now, I bet you would be more relaxed if that were the case. The voice of wisdom, guiding and directing you to understanding the mysteries of the road in an authoritative yet soothing way… Now, that doesn’t sound too bad, does it?
Well, until, this nice dream becomes a reality, you can imagine how it would be by watching the video below.

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