More than 100 dolphins found dead on the coast of Cape Verde islands

More than 200 marine mammals have been found dead on a beach in the Cape Verde islands. The terrible mass stranding event left the local authorities perplexed. Experts from from Spain are waited to collect samples, in order to determine the mysterious deaths.

According to BIOS Cape Verde, a local environmental association, 163 lifeless melon-headed dolphins have been found on Boa Vista Island, Cape Verde islands, days ago. According to the witnesses, locals and tourists have tried to drag some of the mammals back in the waters, but unfortunately their efforts were all in vain.

According to CBS News, volunteers at the BIOS group took samples from around 50 dolphins. However, experts from the he University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain will travel there in the attempt to determine the reason those mammals off shored.


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HEARTBREAKING: Nearly 200 dolphins washed ashore off the coast of West Africa this week — and locals were unable to save most of them 💔

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So far the authorities are blaming the effects of the oil spill as one of reasons. Years ago, more than 3,000 dead dolphins have washed ashore on the coast of Peru. Back then, the marine experts have blamed a controversial technique for detecting oil beneath the seabed, using sonar or acoustic sensing as the cause of the tragedy.

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