It’s all over for this mongoose… until he brings the FIGHT to these FOUR lions

The lion is dubbed as being the king of the jungle, and it’s really no surprise why. Lions have definitely earned their spot as the most badass animals in the jungle, and other animals know they should always fear when they see the mighty lion somewhere near them. Well, the mongoose in the video below has a different way of seeing things.
Apparently, the feisty mongoose didn’t get that memo saying you shouldn’t mess with a lion, nonetheless a group of lions if you want to keep your life. As you can see in the video below, the plucky, little mongoose dramatically took on four lions, and lived to tell the story.
The mongoose definitely put one hell of a fight and didn’t back down, not even when it was four against one. The mongoose proved that the bigger guy isn’t always the one who wins the fight, and that having a fighting spirit is sometimes more important than having a title and size working for you.
This tiny mongoose won’t be named king of the jungle anytime soon, but he sure has a lot to tell and brag about in front of his friends.

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