Everybody, meet Blossom! Blossom is an amazing dog with an incredible story. She was only three-year-old when she was given up by her owners to a shelter in Texas. There, volunteers found out that the pup was pregnant with her own litter of puppies.
The problem was that Blossom needed to be treated for a medical problem she had, and that was only possible after she finished nursing her puppies. So one of the people working at the shelter decided to take Blossom in until she was ready to be adopted, namely after her treatment was completed.
Blossom gave birth to her babies, but sadly only one of the puppies survived. The dog was heartbroken and entered a deep state of depression. She refused to eat and nothing seemed to be able to comfort her.
That all changed though when the person who took her in came up with the brilliant idea to introduce Blossom to six orphaned pups that desperately needed a mom. Blossom immediately adopted the pup and began taking care of them as if they were her own babies.
Thanks to Blossom, all six pups survived and were able to find loving owners once they were old enough to be adopted.