Momma bear brings her newborn cubs to meet her human friend

Even the largest wild animals tend to find some very emotional ways to thank the people that showed kindness to them. So, the way this mother black bear decided to surprise her human buddy could not had been different, though!

Black bears sightings are very common in North Carolina, so for Patrick Conley – a resident of the city of Asheville – to spot a black bear wondering thorough the bushes from the back of his backyard, sounds like a routine. Yet, this time the bear that used to visit his property was about to surprise him in the most pleasant way!

YouTube/Patrick Conley

The massive female interrupted her visits for a while, so Patrick had no idea what happened. But when he spotted her once again, his heart fulfilled with joy. It is always quite spectacular to watch a wild animals in all its beauty. However, this time, Simone – how Patrick named his bear friend – was not alone. Moments after she found her way out of the wood, two tiny fluffy balls followed her. They were her two new born cubs.

YouTube/Patrick Conley

Since Patrick has always showed kindness and respect to her, the momma bear decided to introduce her babies to her human friend. For Patrick, who is loving wild animals ever since he remembers, it was an emotional moment. Thankfully, he managed to capture the adorable scene on film.

Of course, our guy didn’t pet the bear cubs neither their mom, but witnessing such sight, especially when it came from an animal about people believe to be extremely unfriendly, shows a lot about the feeling wildlife carries for their own kind and human beings as well.

YouTube/Patrick Conley

“The cubs are the cutest things to ever have walked these woods, but then I’m kind of biased,” Patrick said!

The unexpected visit only last a few minutes, but it was enough for everyone involved to know each other. Simone and her adorable babies climbed on Patrick’s porch and sniffed around, before returning back in the woods. Surprisingly, both mother bear and her cubs, and Patrick as well, acted in an incredibly calm manner. The result of the respect they carry for each other.

You can watch the surprising visit, bellow!

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