One of the best feelings you can experience as a parent is getting to hear your baby say Mama or Dada to you. It’s a sensation that can’t properly be put into words.
Not surprisingly, parents look forward to that moment and do their best to encourage their children to say those coveted words. But sometimes, the result is not exactly what they anticipated.
The video below is the perfect example. In it, a mom can be seen trying to teach her baby how to say “Mama,” but what happens next is something that she never could have anticipated.
As it turned out, the family’s dog was paying attention to mom’s directions aimed at her baby. For some reason, the smart pup figured out what mom wanted faster, and decided to surprise her. In all fairness, the dog had a strong incentive to do so: food.
As you’ll see, this sweet dog is a lot smarter than he seems! He’s able to ask his mom for food by name, and the entire moment was caught on video. If more dogs learn this trick, us owners might be in a lot of trouble!
Make sure to watch this video when your dog is not in the room.