Mom Tells Daughter It’s Time to Lose Her Pacifier, Then Ties It to A Bunch of Colorful Balloons

As most parents out there know way too well, babies can often become extremely attached to their pacifiers. There’s a certain feeling of familiarity that makes them feel safe. However, it comes a time when babies need to let go of their beloved binky.
But actually getting your baby to understand why you took the pacifier away from him/her is no walk in the park. In fact, it could actually put him/her in serious distress. So what can you do to make the transition as smooth as possible?
Well, the ingenious mom in the video below found an excellent way to get her baby daughter Cora to finally say goodbye to her pacifier. The woman took her baby to the park, a space that Cora loves and which she associates with having fun. There, she tied the toddler’s beloved pacifier to a bunch of colorful balloons that she knew Cora will like.
Lastly, she patiently explained to her that it was time for the pacifier to fly away because she was now big girl and doesn’t need the pacifier any longer. As you can see from Cora’s reaction, the method turned out to be extremely efficient.
There were no tantrums, no crying, no nothing.

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